Friday, 31 May 2013

Portavoe Reservoir Walk - VIDEO

Yesterday I decided to go on a walk around Portavoe Resservoir to see what birds were around and also to see if I could video it.  Portavoe Reservoir is now a disused reservoir (stocked with rainbow trout) and surrounding grounds originally built by the old Donaghadee Urban District Council.  Below is the view I was met with as I started my walk.

The next few photos I have experimented with.  It would be interesting from my point of view to hear from anyone as to what you think of them.  I will not be hurt if you think they are rubbish however I know with constructive criticism I will be able to learn more about this craft.

Mallard Sleeping
Greater Stitchwort - Stellaria holostea

Song Thrush

Common Tern

Joined Together
Hawthorn Blossom
Mallard - female
Those were a few stills I took however I took 30 clips of video and have tried (as best as I can at present) to join some of them together so sit back and enjoy.  If I did video again, I would not make it as long as this took 1 1/2 days to process!   In fact in the end I had to do it again!!!  don't even ask why!!!

I would be very grateful for your comments, particularly on the video.

PS Where I mention a noisy Coot, I really meant to say, Moorhen and there were also Lesser Black backed Gulls amongst the Gulls on the water.

Thank you for visiting my blog and I hope you will visit again.


  1. i like the silvery feel of the water shots in b&w. and really like the barbed wire strand. :)

    1. HI Tex I am glad you wrote as my video has disappeared!! Off to look for it. It was on the blog!! Glad youlike dthe B&W shots Margaret

    2. Hi Tex I have put the video on again. I hope it stays now. Margaret

  2. No---video is not there ---says it is private....?????

    Anyhow I loved seeing your fabulous photos... The close-up of the Mallard is great... We can see so much of the detail! AND--your Song Thrush looks a little like our Brown Thrashers...

    Love the B&W's.....

    1. Hi Betsy It was on, then it dsiapeared adn I have put it on again. If you do not see it at the end, and there is a black space, click that space and it should apprear. I will be so disappointed if so keeps disappearing. let me know if you see it please. Margaret

    2. Hi Betsy I changed something else on the youtube site so hopefully you wil be able to see the video although with everyone else. Sorry about the trouble.One step forward, 2 back!! Margaret

  3. You have a good eye for a photo - love the mallard at the end!

  4. Hi Sharon Thank you for your kind comments. can I ask you, did you see the video at the end of the post? Some were having difficulty adn I wondered was it showing noe! Margaret

  5. Hi Margaret, I have a partial video, it works smoothly for the first quarter, we a super wind blowing this could be the problem, I will retry tomorrow on my desk top ( ipod is easily distracted with videos) Your photos are gorgeous, Really difficult to pick a favourite.

  6. Hi Lynn Very many thanks for letting me know about the video. Watch it on youtube and it might be better. Anyway, I have learnt something out of all of this and that is, don't make so long videos!!! Hope you are having a great weekend. Margaret