Friday, 27 July 2018


Time for Weekend Reflections and The Weekend Roundup and this week the letter is D and DOUBLE.  So let us go walk about and see what there is to see this week.  Firstly a DELIGHTFUL DOUBLE Clematis flower. A van  with a DOUBLE letter sign on  it. Then a walk through my supermarkets and found these DVDs which began with the letter D, followed by a Rennie's DEFLATINE product and then lovely perfume called Miss DIOR.

Back on the Main Street again and passed the DANSKE Bank, then DOUBLE
buggies. Up the High Street with DONEGAN's pub that served fresh food DAILY, passed the real DAIRY ice cream shop, then stopping into a cafe for a coffee spied these DA VINCI syrups.

 Nearly home after passing a DOUBLE fronted house and seeing a DUCK with her DUCKLINGS in Ward Park, and as I passed the automatic DOOR of the library, it opened.  Lastly a REFLECTION image.  

Many thanks for your visit and comments. 
I am still away in Scotland so I am unable to comment on your blogs.


  1. I love mallards, I love ducklings.... I'm sappy.

  2. Hello, I love the clematis bloom and the ducks. Very cute. Happy Friday, enjoy your day and weekend!

  3. This was a really great walk, Margaret. You must be in wonderful shape to go so far and back. My favorite will be the Double Fronted house. Growing animals are always in, I lived tthar Duckling piture, but they all were good.
    Have a nice weekend.

  4. ...what a 'D'elightful collection of 'D's. Many if them would not have come to mind for me. That a 'D'elightful 'D'ouble Clematis is a beauty. Thanks Margaret for sharing, I hope that enjoy your week.

  5. Happy dinosaurs and...trapped wind? Hahahaha!

  6. The flower is beautiful. Great color! You found some awesome Ds. I didn't think of looking at DVDs. I have a couple of those. Happy Saturday.

  7. Dare I say.... delightful post! :-)