Friday, 13 July 2018


Time for Weekend Reflections and the Weekend Roundup.  This week it is the letter B Favourite and Building. I found this BOOKMARKet and of course I had to go in and take a photograph of the BOOKS.  Later I came across BELLFIELD House and Garden sign sitting on this BENCH and on the forth image you can see a BELL on the wall and a BARROW filled with plants.

Can you see her?  
Look closely she is sitting still as a statue on her nest and in the image below of the BELLFIELD BUILDINGS, she is near the roof at the last window on the right among the roses. Later the BIRD flew out and I managed to get a BRILLIANT view of her.  She  is a Spotted Flycatcher.  I also saw this BARN.

I will end with these BEAUTIFUL BLOOMS like purple BALLS and
 a BEE on one flower. 
 I think this last one is my FAVOURITE this week.  

Oops! I nearly forgot my REFLECTION image
 and this was taken in one of the gardens.

Many thanks for visiting and also commenting.


  1. Pretty place, happy bee!

  2. I find bookmarkets impossible to go past.
    A lovely selection of photos this week. Thank you.

  3. You captured B for sure. I ee why you like the bee photo the best. It's wonderful.

  4. Lovely photos. Your right, the bumblebee photo is spectacular.

  5. The purple ball flowers are Alium, a relative of the onion. Your bee shot is fantastic!!! The Bookmarket building is beautiful, and the inside is very interesting. I love the huge clock on the stone wall.

  6. ...this 'B' delightful. So many 'B'eautiful 'B's! Thanks Margaret for joining The Weekend Roundup, please stop 'B'ack again. 😀

  7. I would certainly visit that book shop. Looks like a pleasant shopping experience. I would also enjoy a little bench sitting. Nice place to read a book!

  8. Love a cosy bookstore and that clock.

  9. That is a really good picture of the bird, Margaret. It seems the complex is abandoned. And your purple flower pictures are the BEST. Have a nice weekend. :)