Saturday, 30 December 2017

SATURDAY CRITTERS - African Creatures

As  this is near the end of 2017 and the end this year of SATURDAY CRITTERS which I always link in with, I will show you a few “African Ends”. 

 The “end” of the Giraffe’s tongue.

The “end” of the Kudu

 The “end” of the Sable.

The “end” of the Red-necked Spurfowl

The “end” of a Hippopotamus

The “end” of a Spotted Hyena

 The “end” of this fish!

 The “end” of a Zebra

The “end” of a Swainson's Spurfowl

 At the “end” of the day, the Mongoose come out to play.

Thank you so much Eileen for continuing this wonderful meme and also to all who visit my blog especialy those who leave comments.


  1. And now it is the end of the end. My favorite one being the zebra. It even has a pretty end.

  2. A nice collection of animal rears...........

  3. Hello, great series of butt shots. LOL, fun post. I wish you all the best in 2018, Happy New Year. Thanks so much for linking up and sharing your post. I Have appreciated all your visits and comment on m blog in 2017. Have a happy weekend!

  4. Margaret!
    I wish that the New Year 2018 turns out to be a very special one for you filling each day with peak of health, abundance of happiness and sunshine, bountiful luxury and prosperity and Zen like serenity.

  5. Perfect wildlife photos for the end of the year. Happy New Year to you, Margaret.

  6. That is a great way to use photos where your subject has turned their back to you. Love it.

  7. Oh how I loved your "end" theme in all these African critters. You are too clever, Margaret. Blessings and Happy New Year to you. Jo

  8. Those are interesting photos.They do depict the end very well.Happy New Year.

  9. Margaret, I am loving your 'end' of the critter year post. It was a fun read. From these the animals could have several contests, the most beautiful end, the ugliest end, the largest end, the smallest end, the messiest end, (those were the easy ones, you can think of many more).

  10. What a clever, fun post for the end of the year!

  11. How clever this is ... and funny to boot! I can't help but think of the song "I want a hippopotamus for Christmas" - that's a big'un! Happy New Year to you!