Wednesday, 27 December 2017

EXTRA - Razorbill Chick Being Fed

While I have my family here I am taking a breather and showing you an image that Danny, one of my bird group took some time ago and gave me permission to share with you.  It was photographed when we visited Great Saltee Island.

Many thanks for visiting and also for leaving comments.


  1. Thank you both.
    Enjoy your family time.

  2. Hello, what a great sight to see. Wonderful birds and photo.

  3. In this shot they look like mini-penguins! Nice work, Danny.

  4. First, thank you so much, Margaret, for your very thoughtful Christmas wish! Gini and I really appreciate it!
    Wonderful image of the Razorbill! I've only seen this species once.

    Gini and I hope your New Year is filled with Peace and Joy!

  5. Awww, the baby is so well camouflaged by the rocks that you have to look close to see him. The parents are protecting him well.