Thursday, 11 May 2017

Good Fences - Amsterdam

I know I am going backwards in showing some of my photographs from Amsterdam as these shots were taken from the bus that was travelling fast, on a misty morning, through the window as we travelled to the Kuekenhof Bulb Fields.  There were 4 of us that went from my Art group and these 2 members were often seen, heads together chatting and often left us behind as both Alan and I were photographers and never had the camera out of our hands and stopped a lot to take shots. I am linking it to Good Fences. 

After a 50 minute journey we arrived at Kuekenhof Gardens and the man in the red shirt shirt with his hand up was our wonderful, funny and informative guide on the bus and the driver magically parked at this shed which was very good news when we came out and were looking for our bus as there were now hundreds in the field!!

 Now I threw this shot in as a challenge for you.  
Where am I? 
Yes I am 'fenced' in and YES these were the bright colours. 
 You would have needed your sun glasses on!

Here are 3 of my friends just arrived at the bulb fields and at last I could stroke the bulb fields off my bucket list.  I hope you are enjoying this series because there are lots more to go!

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  1. I am loving this!! I do think the windmill is my favorite! Your shots from the bus are just super! As to your mystery shot...I am going to say that after the long bus ride, you needed to use the bathroom! I know it is a really dumb guess, but it is all I can think of!

  2. Dumb no Ginny as you are spot on and guessed correctly. Glad u r enjoying this series. lots more to go.

  3. Not at all surprised that your camera was permanently in your hand. And Ginny beat me to it.

  4. You're in the loo, Margaret! I love your pretty hedge fences and the critters thrown in. In your first photo, the lady nearest the window has features very similar to the Queen. I love the queen! Your driver thought two steps ahead; not everyone has that talent! I would love you to see the Namaqualand flowers here in South Africa. You would love them too.

  5. The Kuekenhof gardens are beautiful. I was, I saw, I admired.
    Beautiful relationship Margaret.

  6. Beautiful capture on the awesome landscapes of tulips! Excellent shots from the movie bus

  7. What a fun ride. You certainly saw a lot of different fences and animals and flowers/fields along the way.