Monday, 21 November 2016

THROUGH MY LENS - The Argory Dining Room

I visited National Trust property "The Argory" in August and I have shown you quite a lot of the house and gardens over time before however I have never shown you the Dining Room and on Wednesday I will show you a magnificent organ. If you missed any of my previous posts, look in LABEL in LH Column under The Argory.  This is the like to their property The Argory.

This is an old style hostess trolley.

They heated a brick and you can see that at the bottom of the trolley.

This is wooden box which kept cutlery in.

I am linking to THROUGH MY LENS.

I hope you enjoyed looking at the Dining Room of The Argory and don't forget to pop in on Wednesday to see the organ.

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  1. So beautiful! I love the touches of pink! Especially the pale pink goblets!

  2. You do visit some incredible places. Love (and lust after) that cutlery box.

  3. Oh awesomely elegant. I could live in such surroundings.

  4. A very impressive dining room. Great photos Margaret. A very elegant room :)

  5. Hello Margaret!
    Beautiful, very elegant place.
    The pink looks very romantic.
    Beautiful photos.

  6. I'd be afraid to use the china---- Lovely.

  7. It's so interesting to look back at how (some) people lived in another era. These folks certainly enjoyed a degree of elegance.

  8. it's just lovely and oh so elegant!!!

  9. So many pretty things! Very fun to look at, thank you :o)