Wednesday, 23 November 2016

The Argory Organ

As we ascend the fantastic staircase in The Argory, today I am showing you all the pieces of furniture in this comfortable first floor lobby at the top of the West Hall staircase which houses the most important  item in the whole house the organ  and you can also see in this first shot where the marbled decoration sets off to perfection the an array of early 19th century prints in gilt frames. 

 Busts of Walter McGeough Bond stand at each side of the lobby.  One  by sculptor, William Behnes dates back to 1823 and looks out from beside Bishop's organ. The other sculpture was made by Joesph Watkins in Dublin in 1866 in the last year of Walter's life. 

The crowning glory of the lobby- which was clearly intended as a living area rather than simply a way to access the bedrooms,  - is the extremely rare cabinet barrel organ that Walter  commissioned for his now house in 1822.  Built by James Bishop of London, it surviving mechanical barrels provide an unique insight into the arrangement and performance of late Georgian organ music.

A detail of the ceiling

Edith, our guide showed us a secret drawer in this piece of furniture and none of us guessed where it was, but my lips are sealed!

I leave you with a shot looking back over the staircase at the next group waiting to be shown around.

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  1. What a fantastic place! The colors are awesome and the organ is gorgeous.

  2. What a gorgeous place to visit! I love the old furniture with so many amazing details.

  3. What an amazing organ. But there are so many great details in the house. Truly wonderful and eye catching.

    Mersad Donko Photography

  4. Beautiful - The Argory is a real 'time capsule' - had the privelege of seeing the organ restoration project in a 'Behind the Scene' day with the National Trust - a great day out!

  5. Such a beautiful and interesting house. The organ is magnificent :)

  6. Hello dear Margaret!
    I love this place.
    Margaret thank you, that I could meet him and visit with you.
    Have a nice day, Margaret.
    Kisses and greetings.

  7. Proper piece of gear for a gothic horror villain

  8. OMW Margaret, that is a huge amount of organ pipes and cabinet to house such a small keyboard. But magnificent all the same. Does it still play? Perhaps someone plays it for groups? The house is beautiful. Greetings Jo

  9. I have never seen an organ like this! But my favorite shot is the group taken from above the starrcase, it really shows off the grandeur.

  10. Fascinating photos.I love the rich details in the old buildings and furniture.

  11. What fun it would be to hear or play that organ!! And the staircase is gorgeous. Thanks for the great photos Margaret!

  12. Pretty amazing! A little Bach to rock the house? Wow.