Monday, 29 May 2017


I am back to my Amsterdam posts as you can see from this first shot.  One member of our group challenged  myself and the other photographer to come up with the best photographs to illustrate the  letters in the word AMSTERDAM.  Now below are some of my images for the letter.  We were allowed to take as many images of the letter as we wanted and later would decide of our best and then ask the non photographers to pick out of all the images the VERY best to  make the word.  It may be weeks before this is achieved as I am still wading through my 2,000 shots!!

This is an enormous word in the middle of an area near the Rijks Museum and the first time I saw it, I never noticed that I was standing being photographed on the ‘wrong’ side of the letters!!  As it turned out, the right side was straight into the sun and hopeless for photographs so we have the letter M and I ask you what better illustration for M is there than to have ME in it - Margaret!

Today, we walked round Amsterdam, we saw a lot of sculptures which I am showing you today.  This is a clock made by S – Salvador Dali

These beautiful sculptures were inside a small very expensive gallery and were position singly but as you can see I have edited them and made a collage with 2 different coloured backgrounds.  Whichever one I eventually pick will illustrate the letter D – dress.  
Now can you let me know if you prefer the black background or the white one?  I would value your opinion and help.

M - Mask

S – Smiling Skull

I cannot finish an Amsterdam post without Tulips, now can I?

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When we get this challenage project finished and judged, I will let you know the result.  

Many thanks for joining me today and thanks for all your comments.


  1. Wonderful pictures, and I am so much enjoying the sculptures! Surely you will win this contest! So what is the prize? You look so cute in front of the M!!! And I do like this Dali clock and the explanation!

    1. No prize Ginny, only a bit of fun. You did not tell me what background you preferred with the collages?

  2. That clock could only be a Dali.
    I prefer the black background - I think the contrast is more effective.

  3. Nice to see you enjoying yourself.

  4. Margaret i love that shot of you in from of the M... so cute! Also love that clock by Salvadore Dali! Such fun!

  5. Lovely set of imaginative images Margaret. I prefer the black background too for the same reason (contrast).

  6. Beautiful sculptures and I always love garden shots

  7. Wonderful sculptures. I like the letter M with you standing in front of it. I think I preferred the black background. Have a great day!

  8. Fine looking sculptures. While I have not seen the other entries, I think your letter M is a winner, especially with you in the picture.

  9. Quite a range of sculptures which i enjoyed seeing. If I had to choose it would be the black background.

  10. Love the Dali--- I recognized his work immediately. And whoever captured the essence of the bozo with the tiny hands, etc, is a genius! The sooner he stops embarrassing us sooner I will sleep better at night. And you look fine in front of the M. Oh yes--- Black is cool. But its surprising what can work.

  11. Interesting and unique photos.

  12. Great subjects for photography. You must have had RSI of your shutter - release finger by the end of the day!

  13. Such fabulous works of art! Wonderful post, even with its backwards "m". :-)

  14. Beautoful images from your trip. Love the back shot of the I am(sterdam) sign. Thanks for linking up with "Through My Lens"

    Mersad Donko Photography

  15. I especially like the clock and running dog! That is a huge word!