Friday, 4 November 2016


For Fridays Hunt today we have the letter S, Favourite shot and Amazing and I am also linking with Weekend Reflections. Well we have just finished an AMAZING four days at Mount STEWART where we were telling the STORY of The Magic Inkpot that had been written by Lady Edith Londonderry.  I was playing the part of Nanny STEVENSON and below I am taking a breather from the children Mairie and Robin and SITTING in SILENCE looking at the beautiful autumn colours REFLECTING on the lake and this is my FAVOURITE image this week.

Yes that is me. I love playing a role that I  am not recognised.

This is the STORY book, The Magic Inkpot.

The magical crystal SHIP called the Ocean SWEEPER is lit up and when the people viewed it, it was the only item illuminated in Lady Londonderry’s SITTING room. In the STORY, it is how the children travel to the SEABED on STRANGFORD  Lough. If you look at yesterday's post there is a better shot of the SHIP.

This is the cast on the SATURDAY which 
was the first day of this SPECIAL event.
The girl in the maroon crinoline dress was the Housekeeper on SATURDAY.
From L to R Claire, Kerry, Sharon, Evie, Jeff, Me and Katherine.

This is Dagda Mor, the ancient Irish King

       This is Dervilla the witch of Scrabo and when this SINISTER witch                                    cackled, you heard it all over the house!!

This is Sarah, Nanny Stevenson’s Nursery maid in Lord Castlereagh’s study.

This is ladies maid standing on the main staircase.  
The painting, ‘Hambletonian, Rubbing down’ is considered by many to be the finest work ever created by famed artist Stubbs.

The STAFF had dressed all the rooms up to look a bit SCARY and were usually only lit with tea lights candles which added to the overall SPOOKINESS.

That SHINNY SKELETON on the piano could do with 
SOME SOLID STUFF to eat, I thought!

This SCOTTY dog looks a bit half STARVED to me!!

This SPOOKy man was at the front door of the house and was

I preformed 2 days and this is my SECOND day’s cast on the MONDAY.
From L to R. Me, Maureen, Katherine, SHIRLEY, Mark, Ecie and Janet.

This is a giant SPIDER in the entrance Hall and
 a blood SPLASHED SKULL below.

This is the footman and the house maid who sometimes walked together slowly around the house with SOLEMN faces and it made you feel very uneasy.

This is Mrs Toyland the Housekeeper, SPORTING a SPLENDID gown and she greeted everyone who came to visit

This witch is STIRRING one of her SPELLS in the cauldron.

We finish with the footman, standing on the STAIRS carrying her Ladyships’ SUITCASE and SHOES.

I hope you enjoyed seeing these photographed of this AMAZING event as much as we all did performing in it.

Many thanks for visiting and also for leaving any comments.


  1. Really fun Halloween post.. love the costumes!

  2. All of you look like you are having a wonderful time. Which is lovely.

  3. Oh to have been there - looks a wonderful event and you seem to be enjoying yourselves. I didn't recognise you for a minute! Love the spider in the hall! Have a good weekend.

  4. Hi Margaret, you make a wonderful nanny. This is such a great post; I love the cast and the good-looking footman on the stairs! Have a great weekend. Jo

  5. You are involved in some interesting activities, Margaret. I love your costume and the long hair. Are you tempted to keep the wig? :)

  6. What fun! But yes, it all looks a bit too scary for me. I can't do haunted houses at all~ You look fantastic in your costume and I bet you had a great time! Have a super weekend.

  7. Oh my goodness, this was so much fun, I have to go back and see it all again! Thank you for sharing this!

  8. That first photo is a winner! Love all the Halloween costumes.

  9. How fun! Ha! I think my favorite picture is the first one with the bench though, so lovely. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  10. Splendid photos! You are all dressed like characters from a Dickens novel. You are very becoming in the coat, and I like the man in the green velvet cape too. The dog trying to eat is very creative! And I adore that green table, I want it! But maybe my favorite here is your gorgeous first picture with the yellow tree hanging over the pond. No wait, there are just TOO many really good pictures to see today! I may have no favorite!

  11. That looks like tremendous fun as well as hard work.

  12. G'Day to you, Margaret! It has been too long since we visited but what a wonderful post to return to! It appears everyone involved in this "haunting" must have had a great time. I am now off to research the book, "The Magic Inkpot" to see if our grandchildren might like it.

    Gini and I send our best regards!

  13. What a lot of fun! The "dog" gave me a big laugh!

  14. Very beautiful, elaborate costumes, Margaret!
    You all look very handsome.
    Have a Happy Weekend!!
    Peace :)

  15. How wonderful you got to do this, Margaret!

  16. You should have dressed like one of those scary clowns that have been in the news.......

  17. a super fun post for halloween, very nice costumes!! i liked the first image, with the blanket of leaves, very pretty!!!

  18. Fun post! I love the pictures!

  19. Great pictures! I also absolutely love your coat/cape costume. I would wear that myself! It's just beautiful. I think I spied a harp in the sitting room. How lovely!

  20. Thank you, Margaret, for these wonderful pictures. If we ever come back to the U.K. we will have to visit the Stewart estate. I hope your play is an annual affair, we'd try to make that. My favorites are of the so very peaceful view of the pond and then of the HUGE spider. The lake setting reminds me of the lake at Althorp where the island with Prinesses Dianna's grave is located.
    Thank you very much for your kind words and prayer comment that you left at KP's baptism pictures post. I will always remember your kindness there. BTW, KP is with us this weekend as her parents are visiting 'big sister', BP, at her college in Washington, D.C.
    The magic hidden words on my blog? I color the letters the background color, white on the blog I use for Friday Hunts. Highlighted, they stand out.

  21. How fun! The decorations and costumes are amazing. I wouldn't mind wearing an outfit like yours in daily life.

  22. Ohhh that looks like such fun! And what a great house. I have never read the story, but I think I will have to get the book and read it. Thanks for the tour!

  23. Ahh---what a great time you all must have had playing that role. I used to do some acting--and my favorite was in an outdoor drama called "The Cross and the Sword"... I played a crazy old woman (fit me well--ha)....

    BUT--I do love that first picture with the reflection.. Sitting on that bench would have been PERFECT.


  24. Love all these Halloween pictures! Very nice and fun. Beautiful scene in the first image. Thank you so much for joining Friday's Hunt. Have a great week!