Monday, 26 September 2016

THROUGH MY LENS - Mount Stewart Conversations Weekend

As most of you know who follow my blog, I was working at the “Converstations” event that was held at Mount Stewart the weekend of 17/18 September.  All workers had to be signed in by 8.30 am and on my first day I had my briefing in the Marquee at 9.00 am. The Marquee was one of the areas where the guest speakers gave their talks. CLICK HERE to see that area.

This is the front of Mount Stewart House were all 
were busily starting setting up for the day.

There were over 100 volunteers working over the weekend and this is the Stretch Tent where there was a bar and entertainment.  You can see here where other volunteer were being briefed.  

These were a few of the volunteers waiting for their briefing.

The main Entrance Hall of Mount Stewart House was a beautiful setting for where other speakers gave their talks.

This was the Garden Shed area where over the 2 days different artist performed for the public. These are 2 of the artists setting up.  
They played very alternative music.

This was the Yurt and I decided to have a lay down and relax!!

(for all of 1 minutes!!)

While I was waiting for my briefing, Shirley came along to erect the flags along this path and you will see her doing so on the video below.

CLICK HERE if the video does not appear.

I hope you enjoyed seeing these photographs, tomorrow I will show you a few birds and Wednesday I photographed some of the artists.

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  1. I like the pretty chairs with the light green cushions, and the beautiful chandelier and green columns. The yurt is so cute. But my favorite is this big red tent! It is so festive with the red color and flags! I have never seen one like it.

  2. Good morning, Margaret!
    Great pictures and very interesting topic.
    I wish you a happy week.
    Kisses and greetings:)

  3. A lovely estate and Shirley did a good job with those flags :)

    Thank you for linking in with "Through My Lens"

    Mersad Donko Photography

  4. Busy, busy, busy.
    Not certain I could have got up again if I had collapsed to the ground in the yurt.

  5. I love that shot looking up to the glass roof light and chandelier!
    Very exciting event!

  6. Kalimera from Greece. Its raining this morning Margaret so I took time out to catch up with fellow bloggers. Have fun.

  7. Great photos and video - look forward to hearing more about the event :)

  8. You get involved in some interesting things, Margaret. I like the yurt and the photos of you in it.

  9. Hello Margaret, it looks like a wonderful event. Great photos. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week ahead!

  10. Looks like a great, fun festival!!

  11. Margaret, your active life is so inspiring!

  12. I really like that ceiling shot...

  13. What a HUGE undertaking... Looks like that was a very large and special event. I'm sure it was fun and gratifying to be one of the Volunteers... Thanks for sharing this with us... Wish I could have been there to participate.