Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Mount Stewart "CONVERSATIONS" Weekend

Today I am showing you a few of the artists and speakers I came across during my lunch or free break time September during the Mount Stewart "Conversations" weekend on 17/18 September.

This image below was Margaret MacMillan and Prof Alvin Jackson who spoke and debated on ‘Do Personalities Matter in Politics?   This was the only talk I had time to go to and as I was working in the Green room had the opportunity to speak with her personally.

These are the other subject titles covered on the Saturday. ‘Castlereagh – Linking Past and Present’, ‘The Political Country House – When Society ran Society’, ‘Russia – Malevolent or Misunderstood?’, Dr Diane Urquhart  ‘Can the Kingdom Stay United after Brexit?’ and  ‘Diplomats, Diplomacy and Television’. 

I was very sorry not to be able to get to talk that and Lady Rose Lauritzen - gave on 'Ladies of Londonderry’ as Mount Stewart House was where she had  been brought up and although now married, still spend 6 months living here.

This couple played different instruments and very alternative music.

Saturday was a beautiful day and while I waited for my hamburger and chips to be ready I took a few more photographs.  These are more staff members enjoying lunch.  While we eat, the man below enticed us to play a game of countdown but I was only able to come up with a 5 letter word!

 Came across Red Riding Hood and the Fox who were glad to pose for me.

On Sunday, these were the topic for the talks and debates.  'Summits', ‘Back to the 1930s – The Rise of Europe’s Nationalist Right’, ‘The New Machiavelli’s: Statecraft, Back Channels and Conflict Resolution’, ‘Being a Foreign Secretary’, 'Diplomacy Now and in the Future’, ‘Creating Tomorrow’s Leaders’, ‘Being a Diplomat: Fact and Fiction’ and finally ‘Voodoo Histories – How the Conspiracy Theory has Shaped Modern History’

This was a camper van owned by a member of staff and he brings it to events like today.  You were able to go inside and learn more about  Mount Stewart House and Gardens.

This is our wonderful General Manager, John Kerr (left)who was always happy to mingle and have a chat with staff and visitors alike.

This was a lovely couple who had this “Campervan of Dreams”.  You were able to step inside, tell them your dream and they would interpret it. 
Unfortunately I did not have time to experience this.

This young girl was one of the singers and later that day, while I was in my post at the Coach House, I spoke to her and she asked me to take her photograph as she had on the most beautiful dress.  I ended up doing a full photo shot of her.  Unfortunately as I was on duty I did not have my own camera and had to use her phone and so far she has not send me any of the photographs.  She was thrilled with the results.

Finally, Ray, a volunteer, poised for me as I thought his moustache looked brilliant and he was very dapper and John is equally dashing sporting his wonderful beard and mouctache

I hope I have given you a taste of what when on during the "Conversations"weekend and tomorrow I will show you the gardens.

Many you for visiting and also to all who leave comments.


  1. So many interesting topics! Those vans are just adorable. You really got around and gave a us a great overview.

  2. That wolf! Yikes!! Otherwise, looks like a good time :o)

  3. fun post, i love the campervan of dreams...the couple look so interesting!

  4. Now that's a gathering! Fun.

  5. An interesting variety of discussion topics, food, and fun diversions.

  6. Sounds like a super weekend with so many interesting talks and things to do and see. Loved that campervan :)

  7. That would have been a great set of conversations to have heard.