Saturday, 1 June 2013

Beach Walk

Yesterday I added a video at the end of my post and a lot of you were unable to access it and I am so sorry.   I am told it probably was due to the fact that it was a large file and possibly your computer might have been to slow to play it.  However if you wish to see it, you may do so on the youtube channel at -: 
or alternatively type into youtube -  Walk Around Portavoe Reservoir.

Black Guillemot
Grey Heron
I had a very quick walk on the beach and this is a short video of a Hooded Crow and a Heron.  If the space below does not appear to have a video but only a black space, click the space and the video should appear!!

I hope today you are able to see this short video and thanks you for visiting my blog.


  1. the guillemot and hooded crow are both very handsome. of course, the heron is too!

  2. HI Tex Many thanks. I am so glad you saw this video. short and sweet is the answer to the video problems I think. Margaret

  3. I think the Guillemots are beautiful birds! Lovely image of the heron and the crow video is great! Hope you are having a great weekend!

  4. Hi Eileen Many thanks. Glad you liked out Guillemots. Margaret

  5. These are great pictures and the video is very well done.What type of equipment are you using?

    1. Hi Ruth Many thanks for your kind comments and glad you enjoyed both the stills and video. My camera is a Lumix FZ38. Hope you are having a great weekend. Margaret

  6. Now I am here, though a little late.

    I have yet to equip myself with a Canon 70-300mm zoom lens which I am planning to, otherwise I am a birder too, and only if my time allows.

  7. Hi When you get you camera, you will discover you just can't stop taking many photos. Margaret

  8. your video was so fun to watch!! the great blue herons are one of my favorites!!

    what a gorgeous blue sky at the end!!

  9. Hi Debbie I am so glad you rnjoyrd the video and Grey Heron. Many thanks for your comments. Margaret

  10. Really great use of glitter to create the beach scene. I love it!
    beach art