Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Costume Talk at Mount Stewart Part 2

I am following on to part two of ‘A Talk on Costumes’ given by Laura Thorpe at Mount Stewart last week.  CLICK HERE if you missed Monday’s posts.  You will see 2 wiling volunteers modelling a few of these costumes and Laura will explain what she is doing on the video at the end.  The girls said both the corset and bustle was not at difficult to wear as they thought and certainly when sitting down made you sit upright.  The last outfit is about 1920 and we all thought could be worn today.

These undergarments would have been put on first and 
then the corset followed by the crinoline cage etc.  

Thank you for visiting and I hope you enjoyed seeing some of the costumes.

If the video does not appear, CICK HERE. 

Also many thanks to the girls for being such good sport as models and anyone who leaves a comment.


  1. What fun getting to try on the period costumes! A really delightful post...enjoyed it so much!

  2. Yes, the last one could be worn today, it is beautiful! I have been thinking about all these outfits, cages and ties and trusses and so forth. I believe it may have been a way of keeping women down. Not much freedom of movement and such. So they were not able to do very strenuous things.

  3. Oh my! I am certainly glad we don't have to wear that kind of clothes now. Jeans and shirt look much more comfortable to me.

  4. Sadly I probably need a corset.............

  5. It was very interesting to see all the layers of clothing they wore. I am sure glad I live now and can be more comfortable. Very interesting posting and great photos and models!