Monday, 14 July 2014

Blessingbourne House Visited in June

In June 2014, Coleen and Nick, the owners of Blessingbourne House invited me to stay for a few days at one of their self catering apartments and it will take me many posts before I finish as there was so much to photograph.  It is set in beautiful surrounding, has a bike trail area, a small farm, a carriage and  costume museum and great walks in the peace and quiet of the countryside.

This is a photograph of many years ago when the horse and carriage was the mode of transport.

This was taken in part of the Courtyard outside the former 18th century coach house which has recently been sympathetically refurbished into a wonderfully informal space for creative thinking. With natural stone, cosy d├ęcor, an open fire and wonderful traditional oak beams.  It is a uniquely different venue for private party such as we had when we visited, corporate event or indeed formal gathering.

The private and rural nature of the Coach House provides an ideal venue for ensuring a successful event in a relaxed and stress free environment and one can admire the peacocks as they frequently parade past the windows.``

As you can see the Peacocks are never far away and when they discovered I had bird seed for them, I was their friend for life!!

The Award Winning Blessingbourne Courtyard Apartments offer luxury self catering accommodation in five beautiful and well appointed apartments .  My apartment was on ground level and known as 'The Stables'.

The Courtyard was beautifully decorated with plants and wheels.

They even catered if the weather was wet by having wellington boots!

This is the The Gate Lodge and has been restored to give 5* Accommodation for guests. (Sleeps 5).  Blessingbourne House has so much to offer but take time to look around the website  CLICK HERE and discover for yourself just how unique Blessingbourne is ... whether you are looking for a great family holiday destination, a relaxing weekend getaway, a venue for corporate or team building event, a beautiful romantic setting for a wedding or a warm and welcoming stop over for bus tours as we did on our way to Sligo a few months ago. 

You can have guided tours of the house and these are just a few photographs to wet your appreciates.

Below was my apartment, ‘The Stables’ and as you can see I have set up my laptop but then I went quickly out to walk around the lake and see all the farm animals that I love, however that will have to wait to post another day (really many more days!!)

After returning from my walk, I sat down to a lovely glass of wine with dinner and a Peacock came and sat outside this window looking in at me!

I was very impressed with the standard of this apartment and the little added touches made is very welcoming and special.  Certainly after a hectic day of photographing 2 other properties (that’s a another story) and then spending 3 hours before dinner shooting around Blessingbourne House, I was really for  fall into this very comfortable double bed!

A quick shot of my apartment outside before taking a bath and then retiring for a good night’s sleep.  

You can access a short video at

If there is a black space below, click it and the video will appear.

I hope you enjoyed seeing a little bit of Blessingbourne House.

Thank you for visiting and also to those bloggers who kindly leave comments on any of my blogs, I appreciate every single one.


  1. It looks great. the Peacocks are impressive but filthy things and noisy. Did they give you earplugs and wellies?

    1. Hi Adrian No I did not need wellies as it did not rain once and the peacocks and cocks crowing did not annoy me either. I love all the sounds that the country has to offer. Thanks for coment.

  2. This is a beautiful home, and I think it's so nice that you can actually stay there. The children's toys are so sweet, and I look forward to seeing your next installment. Wendy x

  3. That's not a house, that's a masion, palace... your video is beautiful. I hope you also made one in the inside. The surroundings are a photographer's dream. I hope you had great time there, and I'm looking forward to see more from Blessingbourne House.

  4. Blessingbourne House looks wonderful Margaret and set in such beautiful gardens.. loved the video, the peacocks are so beautiful, lovrly that they just strut around the place. I can only imagine how restored you must have felt after a few days here.

  5. Looks like a fabulous place to stay. How wonderful. Enjoyed all the images.

  6. What an absolutely delightful place. Thank you.

  7. That looks a fantastic place to stay,looks plush.


  8. What girl would not love the dollhouse? And quite a modern kitchen. But of course the stars of your blog today are the peacocks. And in such unusual places, the picnic table and way up on the fence. gorgeous imagery with the house interiors and the birds.

  9. What a beautiful estate.. Inside and outside are just lovely.. And the peacocks are pretty too. Thanks for the tour.. Have a happy week!

  10. What a gorgeous place, and I know you must have had great enjoyment while there~

  11. What a lovely place! Complete with peacocks. Did you feel like a princess?

  12. Wonderfully intriguing!
    Would love to visit/stay here when we visit Northern Ireland . . .
    Look forward to more of your photos . . .
    And a Peacocks peeking in the windows . . . Oh my!

  13. I had to scroll backwards to find out more about Blessingbourne.... what a great place to visit....