Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Nature - how quickly it changes!

After playing badminton this morning, I took the longer route home via Sealcliffe Road to see the Black Guillemots.  There was only one Guillemot at the Harbour who was having a bath, yet beyond the Harbour walls there was a gale of about 7-8 blowing.

I drove further round the coast road and saw the Bangor inshore RNLI rib, and the Donaghadee Lifeboat along with a small fishing boat.  

The fishing boat was being towed by the rib and the Lifeboat was escorting it. 
RNLI Rescue Vessel
Donaghadee Lifeboat escorting the fishing vessel
I decided to go back to the Harbour as I had never seen a rescue coming in before.  It turned out that the fishing boat had broken down at South Briggs Rock, both Bangor and Donaghadee RNLI were informed and it took the rib 35 minutes to reach the vessel.  This must have been terrible for the crew of the fishing boat because of the very bad sea condition.  A line was attached and when the Lifeboat arrived, the vessel was towed by the rib to the safety of Bangor Harbour.  
Back safely inside Bangor Harbour
Below is a videos(sorry very shaky) of the fishing vessel being finally docked safely at the Pier.

This video shows how the inshore rescue craft is taken out of the water.

One of the Bangor RNLI men was telling me that last week he had installed more nesting boxes for the Black Guillemots on the Marino Pier.

I was just thinking how quickly nature has a way of changing.  Yesterday we were basking in the sun; today there was a gale, albeit still quite sunny.  Sorry that the video is very shaky but the wind nearly blow me off my feet!  It's a wonder I didn't need rescued!

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