Sunday, 31 March 2013

Birds at Crawfordsburn Country Park

After church this morning I decided to see what birds were around Crawfordsburn.  In the little park on the left as you go into Crawfordsburn Village from Bangor, I passed the small waterfall and
saw a Goldcrest, and Grey Wagtail.

Grey Wagtail
 I walked down the side of the Inn to see if I could see the Dipper at the waterfall but didn't, however I did see a Tree Creeper.  It was climbing up the tree very fast so the photo is not so good.
Tree Creeper
I walked right up to the  waterfall and there was a tremendous amount of water tumbling over the weir.  Below are a couple of photos I took of the waterfall.

 Close up of part of the waterfall
I followed the river down to the beach and on my way back, the Dipper flew by at the 'speed of knots' in the opposite direction.

Above, I thought this fungi on a fallen tree had wonderful patterns and colours.

When I arrived at Crawfordsburn Inn again, a wonderful Rolls Royce wedding car was pulling up with the bride and her father.  On talking to the owner of the wedding car hire business, he informed me that the car was built in England from a kit in 2005.  His other car was an original Daimler so if ever you want to hire one from his fleet of vintage vehicles, he can be found on,

Bride arriving at Crawfordsburn inn

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