Friday, 16 February 2018


It is time again for The Weekend Roundup and Weekend Reflections memes and today's letter is G, Favourite and Green. For today’s walk we are in Newtownards, a town 5 miles away from me and we are walking round Kiltonga Nature Reserve.

I am walking round with my friend Sue and as I stepped out of the car, I immediately saw this GROUP of Black headed GULLS with withered GRASSES behind them.  Then up comes a GREYLAG GOOSE who seemed to be practising his GOOSE - step

Here comes Sue with her new GROOVY shoes walking on the GROUND next to the GREEN GRASS and this Robin below looks like he has GOT a firm GRIP on that branch.

When we started our walk the weather was lovely and above is just a image of part of the lake we were walking round with some Tufted ducks.   Suddenly there were very dark clouds and this is when I photographed the next 3 images and framed them.  The first one I added a bit of soft to it but I thought the dark sky and the light on the trees were fabulous and these are my FAVOURITES this week (yes 3 I cannot choose!)

We knew it was GOING to rain but not before we saw this Little GREBE, Coot,  GRACEFUL Mute Swan, male and female GALDWALL and two Herons looking like two GRUMPY old men!

We passed this beautiful little area that they have set aside as a

We just made it back to the car before the raining came 
and this car GAVE us a GOOFY GRIN.

As I was passing Ward Park coming home, I photographed the GORGEOUS
 GREEN GRASS of the bowling GREENS surrounded by the GREEN railings.

Thank you for coming on this walk with me and I am glad we did not get wet.  
So where will we go next week I wonder.

Also many thanks to all who kindly leave comments.


  1. Margaret-- you have outdone yourself.

  2. Whenever you come across a Little Grebe Margaret, it always turns its back to you. Not really its best side.:))

  3. I love the framed images. The light is stunning in these.

  4. Lovely shots! Have a great weekend! :-)

  5. The three you framed are indeed very special - I love them!
    I enjoyed seeing all the birds, too, and funny smiling car
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. That again was a very nice walk. I am glad that your friend, Sue, could walk with you. And just why don't you think one of the hunkered down herons might not be grumpy old lady like? Have a wonderful and blessed weekend,

  7. Good morning Margaret! You captured some great birds, greens and I like your groovy shoes! Such a cute chubby robin. Enjoyed your roundup! Have a good weekend.

  8. ...Margaret, 'G'reat 'Grouping of 'Gs'! I think that 'G'roovey shows your age. That car 'G'AVE me a 'G'OOFY 'G'RIN too. Thanks so much for sharing this week, please stop again.

  9. Visiting late this week! I just love your shot of all the gulls on the railing - good timing! A wonderful roundup of birds on this week's walk. It is difficult to find any birds in our local park right now but most of the water is frozen and there is no food so they are best to stay away until spring starts in April or so.