Thursday, 14 September 2017

GOOD FENCES -Glenarm Castle Walled Garden

On Monday I had the privilege of being able to Visit Glenarm Castle,in Country Antrim which is not normally open to the public but I was not allowed to photograph as the family use the whole castle as their home but what a treat it was.  However they had a huge and magnificent walled garden and these are 3 of the images I took.  More to follow maybe on the fence meme next Thursday. 

Some volunteers and staff from the 
National Property at Mount Stewart were on this trip.
There is a connection with the familes of both properties.

 Can you see me?  It is not too difficult.

I am  linking with GOOD FENCES.

I am in all black with grey zip on fleece.

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  1. Hello, the garden are just lovely. Beautiful photos. Yes, I found you in the photo. Happy Thursday, enjoy your day!

  2. Wonderful profusion of flowers along the walls of that garden. Great colors in your photos.

  3. What beautiful gardens! And they are very well tended, as well.

  4. Wow! That must be a gorgeous place.

  5. Lovely spot--- and I spotted you!

  6. This day must have been a real treat for you.
    Glenarm Castle and its garden are places of my dreams. I have a big case of garden and house envy, but I don't envy the efforts and costs it must take to maintain them.