Sunday, 29 November 2015


It is time again for Scavenger Hunt Sunday and as last week I did show you a couple of younger photographs of myself, today in this collage below, I wonder can you pick ME out?  I am in every shot and we were performing 6 short sketches for the Bangor Chest Heart and Stroke group in my town.

1. Me
Well I am sure you have worked out which one I was and as you can see i even had to play a man!!

2. My Grocery List

This week I am on the Isle of Wight staying with my daughter and her family and when I was on the plane travelling from Belfast to London, this was  for the MY GROCERY LIST for the Air Hostess!  Sorry I had to write it on a 'sick' bag!

3. Baking

When I moved into my home some 31 years ago, I said, i would not  bake again and I haven't, however when the word prompt BAKING came up, I wondered, "do I still have my BAKING Powder"?  Indeed I did, I know you are all wondering why and the answer is 'I do not know' and after publishing this post, I will be throwing the 'antique tin out!!!

4. Kindness

Now this is a bit of a story behind this shot.  When my daughter was volunteering as a nurse on a Mercy Ships called the Anastasis in Africa in 1993, her now husband came on board and fell head over heels in love with her.  As they did not have much on the ship, he decided to make her 12 long stemmed roses out of straws and paper flowers.  Last month was their 20th wedding anniversary and he pain stakingly made her another 12 roses.  I thought this was very romantic and showed a love and great KINDNESS for her.

5. Change of Seasons

Just before flying I walked through Ward Park which is 2 minutes from my house and took this shot of the last of the autumn leaves  because when I return, there will be a CHANGE OF SEASONS in the park into wintertime.

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  1. Love the old baking powder - so cool!

  2. Hello, great series for your photo hunt! Happy Anniversary to you daughter. Happy Sunday, enjoy your new week ahead!

  3. I think you might want to save that old tin for good luck!

  4. Hi Margret,
    Love the flowers, what a kind thing to do. Don't throw away the baking tin, it could be worth some money. Thanks for stopping by my place. Have a great day!

  5. Big smile... Loved the tin, by the way.

  6. Margaret, a fantastic series of photos.
    Greetings to your daughter and her fantastic family.
    Greetings to you, Margaret.

  7. Wont be seeing you on Bake Off then Margaret.


  8. The story about the paper flowers and your daughter's husband is so sweet!

  9. I always love your scavenger hunt posts.
    And yes, that is a truly beautiful gesture. Those roses are at least as beautiful as the hot house variety.

  10. Great interpretations for Scavenger Hunt.
    Wonderful SIL

  11. Nicely done!

    Warm ALOHA,


  12. What a fun collection for the scavenger hunt. Lovely collage of your theatrical experience. What a neat story for kindness! I would definitely not recommend using that baking powder. LOL

  13. Nice post, I loved the kindness story with the flowers. Great that they have that to share after all this time.

  14. Hi Margaret, in collage: picture one: you in straw hat; picture two: purple cardigan; picture three: the smaller "man" on the left; picture four: blue skirt (the lady!) and five and six I knew you by your hair! LOL! Great. You are a lady of many talents. How VERY romantic of your SIL to re-create the romantic gesture after 20 years. Oh wow, imaging a baking powder tin 31 years old. Thanks for sharing and thanks for the words; I started to do the SHS and then ran out of time. Will be back this Sunday. Blessings Jo PS Oh I love the grocery list written on an air sick bag. You are a SCREAM!

  15. Enjoyed the collage of you in your various roles. Wow-haven't baked for 30 years-I can't imagine doing that. Wonderful story about the paper flowers and sweet too. Pretty park! Hope your vacation is going well.

  16. I think it is wonderful you can take these great pictures and tell these great stories while you are planning a trip. When we're getting ready to travel, I can't seem to do much else. ( that is why I am so behind on blog reading and commenting right now! ).