Sunday, 18 October 2015


I was visiting the Ulster Folk and Transport Museum recently and apart from the pumpkins, all the other photographs and video were taken there.

 1. Numbers

This shot above was taken in one of the classrooms.  
The Museum has 2 schools.
Below are the points which would have been in a signal box and are now in the Transport part of the Museum.

 2. Hot

This photograph was taken in the Blacksmith's workshop and the video will describe what he is doing.

CLICK HERE if the video does not appear below.

Below, is a very hot fire in the stove where this gentleman is making dropped scones which were delicious.

3. Pumpkin
Pumpkins as far as the eye can see.

4. Quiet 

Now these would certainly be two quiet places especially the one above as it is a police cell and perhaps the people who sat in there might also have wishd there was sitting in the quiet of this Church Of Ireland church which was built originally in 1790.  It came to the Musuem in 1976 and opened in 1983.  It had a lovely 'HOT' fire roaring in the grate the day I was there.

5. Full

I could have shown you so many photographs from the Museum to illuustrate 'full' but i choose this lovely dresser full of crockery above.

Below, the Confectioners Shop was filled not only with lots of sweets but with many other bye gone products.

I hope you liked my selection of photographs to illlustrate the words this week.

I have LOTS more photographs taken at the Ulster Folk and Transport Museum, however they will have to wait to a later date.

I am linking this post with SCAVENGER HUNT SUNDAY.

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  1. Wonderful place and enjoyed each lovely photo. Definitely somewhere I would enjoy visiting.

  2. Interesting place ,have a nice evening ,Nette

  3. I really, really enjoyed these...and especially Pumpkins As Far as the Eye Can See.

  4. Very interesting place ...
    Great pictures. It amazed me pumpkin field.
    I love pumpkins. They are so delicious.

  5. Your scavenger hunt posts are always a joy. Love your quirky take on the words - and never met a pumpkin I didn't like.

  6. oooooh i do love that huge pumpkin patch!!!!

  7. Great Scavenger Hunt! I adored seeing the Ulster Park and that blacksmith was just wonderful! Loved his wares and his skilled craftsmanship! The entire post was just amazing!

  8. Wow, great assortment of images, video was great too!

  9. I love the candy jars, you found super scavenger finds.

  10. Enjoyed all the photos. Lovely scones.

  11. Great job with the Scavenger Hunt. - I bet that stove was hot and the scones were yummy.
    Loved the long rows of pumpkins. I think I'd rather be quiet in church than a jail cell.

  12. A great assortment of images - love all those pumpkins :) The museum looks really interesting - look forward to more photos.

  13. Nice picture of that field plenty of pumpkins. They have such a beautiful orange colour and pumpkinpotage is just delicious!
    greetings, Hilde