Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Blessingbourne House (Part 3)

Let’s take another wander round Blessingbourne House Estate and see what we can find that might be of interest to you.  There is something for everyone here. Wonderful peaceful setting, glorious grounds to walk around, beautiful views of the lake and adventures for the more active and always lots of animals to see.

At the start of any of my walk I just have to look at the lake which never disappoints me.

These are Water Lily leaves.  It was too early for the flowers as yet.

This is a beautifully appointed Gate Lodge which looks small from this shot however it is registered as  5* accommodation for 5 people.  
CLICK HERE to see the inside of it.

Colleen and Nick, the owners of Blessingbourne House have 4 dogs and a cat which I have photographed below.  They are all very different characters in their own right.  Hamish being the boss!






Children’s play area.

Last year, when I visited there were about 7 Cockerels and quite a number of hens however Mr Bad Fox managed to wipe them all out and Colleen and Nick have now bought a new Cockerel and these lovely hens. You will see lots more about them in a later post as you will with all the other animals.

People come from far and wide to experience the different ability mountain trails.  As I personally have not been on any of the trails, I am showing you a short video about the Mountain Bike trails at Blessingbourne House. 

 CLICK HERE if the video does not appear below.

This is “The Cabin” at the beginning of the trails and at weekends is used as a  the new coffee shop called " Pinocho's at Blessingbourne".  
They also run small parties there.

These are some of the cows and calves in the farm yard area.

I am just leaving the farm yard.  Are you still with me? Perhaps you can just see Blessingbourne House in the far distance and my yellow door of my cottage in the courtyard.

Turning right I found Colleen’s two new horses. The one on the right is a 2 year old male called Cowboy and the other is a 1 year old called Lola.  There is a short video of them at the end and an even longer video next Thursday.

This is beauty, a 9 year old horse that I showed you last year but his friend Toyboy was at another person’s farm when I visited this time because he was being riden last weekend in a race. In fact he came in second to the delight of Colleen.  He is now back at Blessingbourne and Colleen rides him most days.

Walking through the countryside and forest areas, I came arcoss these cattle, many lovely wildflowers and beautiful and interesting shaped trees.

We are nearing the end of this walk and have ended up near the lake area again with beautiful Rhodendron and near the side of the house these gorgeous Tulips.

I think this is a Hare with a cheeky grim!  He can be found in this small garden I showed you on Monday.

And who is waiting for me with more seed when I returned to my cottage? 
My favouite Peacock.  

A short video of the horses in a field.  CLICK HERE if it does not appear below.

I do hope you enjoyed seeing a little bit more of the beauty and interesting things to see and do around Blessingbourne House.

 For the next 6 days all posts will be scheduled as I am away on Tory Island and will not be able to comment but did not want you to miss my posts.

Tomorrow I will introduce you to Lyton and Crunchie!

Have a great day and thanks for all you comments.


  1. What a glorious place. I could spend many, many happy hours (days) there. Thank you.

  2. What a marvelous place to spend some time, and Margaret, your photos are always very enjoyable. Thank you so much!

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    Nice place to shoot, great with all those animals, the dogs are adorable.
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    Mersad Donko Photography

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  10. Hari OM
    It's like a fairy-land... just beautiful.... YAM xx

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    Enjoy your stay!

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    1. Hi Janice I am on holidays but the answer to your question is YES.

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