Wednesday, 8 October 2014


As I mentioned yesterday, I had reason to be in Dublin with 2 hours to spare so I went to the zoo.   So for the rest of this week, I am taking a break from posting on my 6 week trip to Africa to show you the photographs and video I took.  Other than sign boards, all of them are straight out of the camera without ANY editing.  
I would value you opinion.

All of the shots were through glass as you will see and although there is a facility on the camera to deal with that, I could not remember where it was quickly enough at the time.  I was sorry I had not thought ahead to discover where this facility was on the camera to see what difference it would have made to the shots.  An opportunity missed! All well, who is perfect!

I hope you enjoyed this post regardless of your opinion of animals in zoo's. 
I know i can edit out the reflections from the glass.

My new camera is Lumix Panasonic DMC FZ 200

 Now watch this magnificent animal in this short video.

You can access it at

If there is a black space below, click it and the video will appear.

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Tomorrow I am featuring Elephants on the GOOD FENCES meme.

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  1. Zoos are valuable reserves DNA ...
    Céline & Philippe

  2. Gorgeous series on this beautiful tiger! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Very nice photos of the tiger! What a handsome creature!

  4. Be still my heart!!!! Oh Margaret!! You certainly touched my inner soul with this post and these fantastic images. TIGERS are the number ONE favorite of mine of ALL animals. Their so regal and beautiful. I so enjoyed this...with all my heart.

  5. So many fabulous photos Margaret. It is such a magnificent animal and another lovely video. Those markings on his coat are really something. Thank you!

  6. These images are stellar. I think you did a beautiful job.

  7. I just adore cats of all sizes and these were just wonderful photos of this Tiger. I agree with Hootin Anni about them.

  8. Well then, here is my opinion. These are spectacular!!! Oddly enough, I myself was snapping tiger pictures last weekend. NONE of mine came out this good. The first picture could be on the cover of a magazine, and just look at the sun on him. AND you even got him roaming around...perhaps hunting because he is licking his lips!!! Now I want to go back and try again!

  9. Un animale superbo, bellissimo il suo manto, un miracolo della natura. Complimenti per le belle immagini

  10. Lovely shots of a beautiful animal. Look at that face---wow the markings are wonderful.
    It looks like he is enjoying his setting. MB

  11. Beautiful shots! And great video! Looking forward to the Elephants tomorrow!

  12. Gorgeous animals! I hope they can be saved for future generations to enjoy.

  13. Absolutely GORGEOUS animals! I love tigers, and these are beautiful. You got some great shots with your new camera.