Monday, 28 July 2014

Large Gulls and chicks on Copeland Island (7)

As mentioned in a prior post last week, when I was visiting Copeland Island in June, there were 2 young people with us from Glasgow University who were doing research on Herring Gulls.  Nina was positioned in the stone hide while Richard had a portable hide and they allowed me to observe what they were doing.   Overlooking both sites there were both Herring and Lesser Black backed Gulls.

They also had set up this camera on one of the nest that had 3 chicks.  Obviously that Herring Gull had something to say about that!!

At the end of the post I have a short video of Richard erected the hide.  Unfortunately I do not have recorded an very funny incident of me climbing into it but missed the bar and with my camera and binoculars swung round my neck and I moved backwards at speed, until I fell down laughing.  Richard was concerned I was OK but I was more worried about my camera!!!  All was well.

This is the view from the hide.

These are Richard’s notes and a map of the 10 nest that he was watching.  He looked at each of these nest every 5-10 minutes and record his findings.

Herring Gull and chick.

Lesser Black backed Gull.

We do not have many Great Black backed gulls seen on this island but I thought this was an unusual shot to see all 3 of our large gulls in a row.  It is a good way to see the size differences between them. From L to R there are Lesser BB , Herring and GBB Gull.

These young Herring Gulls were flapping their wings and hoping to be able to fly very soon.

One thing I am not good at is flight shots so These are the best I could get of the Lesser Black backed Gull.

It was time to go and see Nina so this is my parting shot with Richard still in the hide.  They did 4 hours at a time.

Do you see the 3 fluffy chicks above however it was not long before Mum had them underneath her again.

This is a shot of Nina at the top of a cliff surrounded by screaming birds.

Aren’t these chick so lovely!

I hope you enjoyed seeing these gulls with their chicks and tomorrow you will see a video of some of the young birds I found on the island including a gull being born.  

You can access the video at

If there is a black space below, click it and the video will appear.

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  1. I think your ones in flight are great!

  2. Margaret, awesome post on the gulls and their chicks.. The chicks are just adorable.. Wonderful post and photos..Have a great week!

  3. Absolutely wonderful photos . . .
    Loved the ones in flight . . .
    and the chicks . . .
    Honestly, I liked them all . . .

  4. the young ones are adorable.

  5. Gulls galore! I know. I've fallen occasionally and it is a save the camera moment. Uff da.

  6. FABULOUS FABULOUS FABULOUS! lovely shots all of them, and those little chicks!, the video with Richard and the gull calls was great :-).

  7. I need that 'hide' here --to hide and watch my little Backyard Birds!!!! Love it... Deer hunters here (and some birders) have something similar --called a 'blind' here---to hide from the critters....

    Great photos of the gulls (especially the close-ups) ---and I love seeing the little chicks. Cute!!!!

    Great wildflowers around there also.

  8. A fabulous post Margaret. Your close ups are superb in capturing the personality of the gulls. I agree with you that the chicks are especially beautiful

  9. The chicks are beautiful with their leopard spots! I am glad you are alright and did not get hurt. The view from the blind is good, and also beautiful. I love the close up head shots. And again, the wonderful yellow moss; what IS that stuff anyway, it is so pretty!

  10. Margaret,
    Amazing photos; the in-flight shots as well as the close-ups. They are all really nicely done.
    I want to give the chicks the nickname, 'Cheetah Chicks' :)
    Thank you for sharing your joy with all of us.
    Peace :)

  11. Margaret, all great clicks! Those babies sure do have some bird floof to be proud of. I think all birds have something to say and the say it often.. :) Glad you nor your camera was hurt as a result of your back flip!

  12. what an adventure, in many ways! We have to laugh as we tumble, all trying to capture great photos!