Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Tory Island - Last evening

I recorded a video of the music that as playing at the bar on the evening before I left Tory Island.  It was quite early in the evening and I was tired so I stayed for a while however the next day when I meet the King, who was taking the same ferry as me , he said he had come down to play especially for me but I had gone to bed!!! Hopefully next time I can have that pleasure.

Just an up date on the Corncrake situation.  Chris tell me there are now 11 pairs on the island and that is mainly due to a man called Anton Meehan who when he was a lad, shot the Corncrake, however when learning from birders coming to the island how endangered they were, he has set about making the habitat better for them to come and breed and has taken up a great interest in bird watching and photography. So a BIG THANKS to Anton.

These are a few shots as I travel from having a fantastic time on Tory Island, back to the mainland of County Donegal.

The King of Tory is joining me on the ferry to the mainland.

Last look at Tory Island as I leave.

Coming into the harbour in County Donegal and  I am glad to say we had a good crossing with no one being sea sick.

This is a music video that I recorded while in the bar and the gentleman on the accordion played a special tune for me about County Down, where I live.  

The video can be accessed at http://youtu.be/uPbOjt64nP4

If there is a black space below, click it and the video will appear.

It has taken me a long time in posts to complete this 3 day journey and I know some of you have joined me the whole way and I thank you for that.  If any of you have not seen the journey from the beginning it a starts HERE, then if breaks off for a week when I was away and restarts .HERE

Tomorrow, as promised I will show you the Puffins on Tory Island to fit in with Stewart's meme  WBW and that will finish my posts on this fantastic journey I have made. Perhaps next year I will take a small party of people over to visit the island and I hope to visit it in the autumn if I can find some accommodation.

Thank you for visiting today.

Many thanks for all the comments you kindly leave me on my blog.


  1. It seems that you had a great time on the island! I'm sure you have many more photos to share and I can't wait to see them.

    1. Hi Betty Thanks for visiting but i have been sharing photographs for the past 2 weeks and now they are finally coming to an end. If you want to see more, click where you see the yellow CLICK on this post. thanks for comment.

  2. loved the three day journey, this pub is so clean! I grew up with gatherings were there was always an accordion, put this man in a barn setting and I could have thought they were in the middle of B.C. Canada. :-)

  3. I am glad for Anton and the Corncrake.. I enjoyed your visit to the island and the wonderful photos.. Have a happy day!

  4. Nice music and great company, combined with great chances to travel and photograph! You have it all.
    Peace :)

  5. That is an awesome wood and brick fireplace. Phil plays accordion in church, he has a beautiful red one.

  6. I've enjoyed all of your Tory posts. I'm pleased to hear that Anton now loves the birds and does what he can to make them 'want' to be there.. That's so neat!!!!!

    I was on the phone today about noon --sitting in my Living Room while watching my birds outside at the feeders. I saw a Papa Tufted Titmouse feeding one of his babies... SO sweet.

    Thanks for sharing Tory Island with us.

  7. Did you do a bit of a gig too?

  8. beautiful nature and such a fine fireplace. :)

  9. Its been a great trip Margaret, thanks.