Friday, 25 April 2014

Copeland Island Birds on Saturday PART 2

I hope you are not too tired after yesterday’s walk around the Bird Observatory Copeland Island because we are off again.  You may need that cuppa and seat, and just watch as I show you the rest of the photographs I shot that day.  Below were some of the Bluebells that were blooming beautifully.

Oystercatcher and Herring Gull

This little flower of Red Campion was the first of many that very soon will be covering the island in a pretty pink carpet.

This was a marsh area and Iris that soon would be in bloom and these bright yellow flowers nodded their greeting as I passed by.

Marsh Marigold

This is a quite an old stone hide and looks over an area where the Lesser Black backed and Herring Gulls will nest.  Last year when I was staying on the island for a weekend, there were a few people who were studying them for research purposes.

This hide has suffered from the winds and is need of repair however this is the view to the left looking out to the sea and perhaps you can see some of the gulls.

Lesser Black backed Gull

Magpie bred on the island

In this shot to the right you can see Mew Island with its lighthouse.

I do hope this hide can be repaired otherwise it is going to be extremely cold.

This Herring Gull seems to have blood around its beak.

I am showing this view because I spent a very pleasant half hour sitting on the seat (centre) in the sun looking over to Mew Island and watching the many seals sunbathing on the rocks and also playing in the sea.  It was very peaceful at the top of the cliff.

From the seat, I watched a good number of ferries heading for the Mainland UK.  To the left is another hide.

Behind the seat I hear a Reed Bunting and although it was quite a distance away, managed to get this shot of it.

There are quite a number of both Pied Wagtail (above) and Meadow Pipit (below) on the island and as you can see both these birds have been ringed.

I decided to walk further round the coast and came upon very noisy Black headed gulls.

There are  lots of bunnies on the island however very difficult to photograph as they seem to hear you coming from afar!

A pheasant passed behind me as it climb up to the top of the cliff.

Eider duck. The light was fading once again and I had had a great day on the island.

So I am leaving you with this peaceful scene at one of our jetty’s and I hope you have enjoyed spending Saturday coming round this island with me.

I will leave you with a short video which can be access at

If there is a black space below, click it and the video will appear.

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  1. a lovely series Margaret; shame the hide is in disrepair - it was very solid in its day too. Your magpies are SO different to ours aren't they? Slender and that lovely long tail

  2. What a gorgeous place of wildness. Love that pheasant.

  3. Thank you. A very beautiful and soothing spot.

  4. The wonderful Bluebells were going to be my favorites, until I saw the awesome Pheasant painted by God, a beautiful sight. So now I am torn! They are BOTH my favorites! We have bluebells, but they are a different kind and not quite like these. I like the hide, too.

  5. Found your blog in a roundabout way from Dartmoor Ramblings, stunning pictures I must say. Methinks I'll tag along awhile if that's ok?

    1. Hi John Sure I does not matter how you found me, it's great that you did and of course you can tag along with me and I hope for a long time. I am glad you like my shots and post and sometime you have nothing better to do, you may like to see my posts that I did when I was in the Copeland Island in June 2013. Go to archives, then 2013, then June and they will start on 14 June entitled Copeland Island visited Part 1. That will keep you out of mischief for a while. Anyway, glad to have you on board and have a great weekend.

  6. Some lovely photos here Margaret! I especially loved the Wagtail and Pipit shots for their exquisite details, and wow is the Pheasant a gorgeous bird! I could happily spend a whole day in that location and have my attention being thrown each way by birds, seals, rabbits and wildflowers. Thank you for sharing!

  7. Another lovely post with many wonderful photos, and the video was fun to watch. Thank you Margaret!

  8. Thanks for sharing the glorious views of the wildlife and flora on Copeland Island. It's great to witness all the new spring flowers.

  9. I will never tire of seeing such beautiful photo, Margaret!

  10. Beautiful. Love that pheasant. Funny your first photo was bluebells. I saw some yesterday for the first time this spring.

  11. One of the best parts Springtime is the Bursts of color . . .
    Sun, Flowers, Birds . . . and more . . .

  12. Hello Margaret, wonderful scenery. Your videos are wonderful too. I love all the additions like opening a scene with a heart and my but that pheasant has pretty colors. I assume it's the male as they are always the brightest to lure away predators from the female and the nest. Blessings!

  13. you had me with purple flowers and shore birds, what could be better?? through in a light house and i am over the moon!! a beautiful entry!!

  14. beautiful blooms, birds and gulls. love the pheasant sighting.

  15. A fine series of very interesting pictures. There are too many to comment on individually, but many are outstanding example of their special kind.

  16. so many beautiful images. i'd love to sit with you alongside this beautiful area. i wouldn't want to leave. hope they can repair the hide so it can serve many for years to come. hope all is well. have a great day~

  17. Wonderful birds and blooms! I love the bluebells ...

  18. Thanks for the tour of this area. The birds,flowers and scenery in general are lovely.

  19. Nice place, yes, I also like to walk around, beautiful photos!

  20. You get to see so many unique birds that I will only be able to dream of seeing. The standout for me is the magpie on the algae covered rocks. Wow.

  21. Gorgeous photos Margaret of the birds, the flowers and the landscape. A really beautiful island so good for wildlife and a wonderful place to visit. Loved the fulmars in your latest post too :)