Monday, 27 May 2013

Wooded Wonders PLUS video

Walk with me through the wood at Strangford and savour 
the wonderful delights I found along the way.

New Sycamore Leaves

From the wood Istill could peep over the wall and look at the sea

Buttercup - Ranunculus acrus

Bluebells with Wild Garlic

Green Veined White Butterfly

"Look Bluebell, I told you we were beautiful"
As I finish my walk I see the ferry waiting to take us across again to Portaferry
As promised, below is a short video as I travelled on the ferry from Portaferry to Strangford.  Notice the fast flowing tide and many currents and when we pass a small island, there are Common Terns and Black headed Gulls nesting there.

Thanking you for visiting my blog and joining me on my walk and ferry journey.


  1. such a pretty walk too; I love the bluebells ..

  2. What incredibly beautiful photos..your forests have much more colour than our area. I enjoyed your video, that was fun. I spent many years riding them in British Columbia between the two islands I lived on and the mainland, kind of made me homesick (in a good way). Beautiful blog!

  3. Hi Lynn Many thanks for your kind comments. I am so glad you love walking through the wood with me and enjoyed nature's wonders. Probably it that green becasue of al our rain!!!! certainly tipping it down today. Margaret

  4. Hi Carole Thanks for your comment and I m glad you love dthe Bluebells. Margaret

  5. What a lovely walk, the wildflowers are beautiful. Looks like a peaceful place. Fun ride on the ferry, great video and photos. Have a happy day and week ahead!

  6. Beautiful set of the Bluebells, and a very arty second shot.

  7. Hi Eileen Yes it is a very peaceful and quiet place. Lovely anytime for a walk. Margaret

  8. Hi Keith Glad you liked the Bluebell shots. Yes I like art and it is fun to change some photographs into what looks like a painting. Margaret

  9. the bluebells are so pretty! lovely!

  10. Hi Tex Both our walks had different flowers yet both were beautiful. Margaret